The word in itself has immense weight. I feel a sharp dismay to present the fact that in a journey from 7 lbs to around 70-80kg, the superior power on the Earth weighs down under this word. Such mass it has. I believe, trust is a Neuroscience– a science which is not penetrable to all. And, maybe that’s one of the reasons why being a Neurologist earns you remarkably high. NO OFFENCE TO ANY OF THE NEUROLOGISTS. 

It’s important to trust. It’s important to have faith. It’s important to believe in other person. In the end, they all do mean the same thing but perceptions and perspectives takes the prize away. We are in a generation where we end up with that one question “what if”, unnecessarily worrying and burdening ourselves. That’s the atrociousness of mistrust. I’ll not go deeper into what grave repercussions mistrust has. We all are well aware of it. I don’t want my readers to think negative, even for a micro second. 

Charles Spurgeon has said ” Lie can travel half way around while the truth is putting on its shoes.” It’s easier to lie and easiest to believe a lie. I do understand, trust is hard to find. But, trust is fundamental to life; the ultimate foundation of every human relationship. All we need to worry about is never to demean the trust of the people we genuinely love; the people we genuinely care for. My motive for this post was not to let you explain what trust is, why it’s important, why we should always stick around it. But, my motive is to begin a change from ourselves. Someone has to begin the cycle, don’t wait for others. Maybe they’re waiting for you to start. Let it evolve from you; for you will be the torchbearer of the change. Let it begin from inside. Let the lamp of trust glow. All it takes is some faith and courage to set the ball rolling. Difficulties are sure to come, but never let them overpower you. LET THE TRUST BEGIN-From You, From Today, From Now! 😊

The flawed friendships

Abstract nouns are not that abstract, they have a real meaning to them. A meaning which is stowed inside our souls, adding lustre to our lives.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”, said Helen Keller and she knew it that Anne Sullivan will always have her back. She was the one who helped her let go of the darkness in her life.

Recounting my experiences, I’m now fortunate enough to have those two or three trustworthy friends in my life. But, I’ve been through major friendship falsifications before finding the gems. It’s better for me, not to open up so much at this stage because I’ve still got a long way to go. More of such pretences are sure to come, and I’m glad that I’m ready for it.

One question that always follow up mind is, Why is that people are becoming more and more hollow?

I do have an answer to this as well. That is SELFISH MOTIVES. Once you’ve done it, you’ve done it. There is no looking back after that. Purity and Trust have lost their significance. They call you their friend, but that friendship comes with a tagline of using you completely. Completely. What follows next has some serious repercussions. Dude, you’re done with your life. Done with all the goodness you had. Done with the sincerity. Done with the money (happens a lot these days). Most importantly, done with the trust. From where to bring back this trust now? Unfortunately, it doesn’t sell in the markets. What only sells is Cheat Codes. Once used in games, now used in real lives. That is how friendships have become flawed. Flawed to the core. I feel the word “Friendship” has become devoid of sentiments and candour.

We all could actually write a thesis on it, that’s how much adroit we’ve become.And, I do feel that stumbles have helped us stand upright and afresh. Play joining dots with your scars, and wait for that something wonderful to come up. And, let’s just be thankful for a handful of genuine souls that still exists.

Perfection is contagious 

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” 

You all might have read this Marlyn Monroe quote, as a picture caption on social networking sites. According to my study, I’ve found almost 2000 people with this caption, mostly girls. Emphasising on its irony, I’m bound to think on what grounds people consider themselves as “perfect”. I wish, I could put everything under inverted commas in this feature, but apparently I can’t. 

Being perfect is no more a myth. The frantic rat race of being perfect that we are involved into, has an ugly side too. We live in an era where most of us are Facebook-ed and Instagram-ed. This ‘ed’ has caused more harm to us than the World Wars or so. I believe these social platforms have made us socially insecure. False portrayal of our reel lives, have turned our real lives sombre. The obscure wars that we’re having with ourselves on daily basis is destroying us- Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. 

In my opinion, being flawed is a commendable job in itself. Although, we should keep making constant efforts howsoever small, in order to add more value to ourselves. We should learn to respect the differences of opinion. Start believing in our talents. Have goals in life. Always put our best foot forward. 

Perfection was, is and will always be superficial. 

How do I explain this feeling? 

Crisscross Crisscross. The pencil is all set to vent out the emotions. But what these emotions are for? The untidy lines say a story, a story which is beyond my grip. Holding on or letting go? I don’t know what it is. 

The black shade is mean, meaner or maybe meanest. Self pity and pessimism takes a toll on me. Maybe it’s questioning my future or maybe my present. Uncertainty seized me. The crisscrosses turned complex than ever, and with so many maybe’s and maybe nots, I saw the white sheet of life going grimy and gloomy. How to explain this? Question persists, as I sit, stare and sulk the complexities of life. 

Knowing Me Right 

Hi. I’m Nuhi Abbas, a 17 year old buoyant, amiable and determined soul. I believe in conquering the world by words. I believe words are the most powerful possessions we own. I believe in playing with words, battle of wits. Basically, I can talk words, I can walk words, I can bathe words, blah blah and what not. 

Young and passionate, I wish to start my own write up business. And I believe, word press is the best platform for expression. Without mincing words I would say, I hope to tame the emotional beast inside me for good. I’m a great slave of my emotions, and I think sharing with you all would help. 

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate” ,quoting Mr.John.F.Kennedy, I really hope to bring about a change by deliberations and negotiations. 

Shifting my subject to entertainment arena, I’m a big big Shahrukh Khan fan, and I feel that’s one of the most imperative thing that my readers should know about. I really admire his personality and witty answers. Actually, I admire everything about him. Another shift in subject, I’ve been a cagey kiddo all my school life, but I would never say something that would hurt the feelings of the masses. I promise. I’ll stick to that. 

I think this much introduction would suffice, and the rest you’ll get to know through my posts. 

I hope this becomes a Kickstarter to my thoughts, my passion and my resolution.